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Bit of an oldie...

This is from September of last year, which I was just reminded of. I'd forgotten all about it...

Winter's cold fingertips
kissed his eyelashes,
etching his slumbering face
into antiquity's embrace.

She laid him down to rest,
cradling his golden-crowned head,
drawing his last breaths as her own,
stitching one more thing of beauty.

Into her tapistry, into the stars,
She wove his dreams, his desires,
marking a path with jewels of ice,
with a frosty tone of touch.
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Hey- I randomly came across your journal, and I really like your writing.
Thank you. I would be updating more often, save the fact I've been working on other types of writing (NaNoWriMo to be precise) and have been extremely busy being uninspired. XD