Ephemeral Alter Ego (eph_ae) wrote,
Ephemeral Alter Ego

Double whammy.

miss the morning

why does it feel so empty
to see the morning
or see the night
and my walls aren't bare
and the carpet isn't tearing
but why does it feel so empty
when the sun does or doesn't come
filtered white, filtered black
shining in those vertical slashes
across my memory
setting fire to the floor
where I learned to crawl
learned to fall
and why can it feel so empty
just to set foot outside
understand that the day isn't so bad
despite what they may say
those who sway
my every thought
every move
every step
is like dragging behind a ship
whose anchor isn't drawn
and isn't cast
why it doesn't move at all
and still how can it be empty
when I haven't filled it at all
to begin with
there's no ring of memory
and no drip of gratitude
in solitude
so how can it be empty
to simply miss the morning
god, i miss the morning
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