Ephemeral Alter Ego (eph_ae) wrote,
Ephemeral Alter Ego

Have you left me so?

Moment of silence
   pinky on the spacebar
   with fingers at the ready
 to speed away a plea through the sea of
 float along under the codes and bugs
   to appear with a flash and a ding
  in hopes of stayin the hands
   the shake on the other side
How could things pile up
    crash up into such oblivion
    as to bring about the
    supremist shattering
      of a heart
How could they form bonds against us?
   Tell us to love one and not the
   Tell us it's not true, real, believable
What words were jabbed into his eyes
   to blind him from any other outlets?

   Such angst
     sets my mouth on fire from
      the poisonous fumes.

   Harmless but overrated
       like the myths of daddylong legs
       and alligators under Newark
   Angst is a coral snake pretending
     to be a coral snake
   Angst is a rip in the primordial ooze
       of the basest feelings

   Triumvirate of sads, angers, contents
      Something like red, blue and green
      Something like the primary emotions
 Mix together a blackness so deep
      it's hungry
Walk down the blue halls of my
     my childhood
what but dreams?
   Pulled apart by the ravenous
     jaws of a

     harmless coral snake
     we can only judge from blacks and reds
     and the yellows of a coward's belly
     running from the truth that
     not everything is as bad as it seems.

 Pause over the spacebar
   hold in a sob
   hold in a strike to the wall
   let out the breath that
               lets him go.
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