Ephemeral Alter Ego (eph_ae) wrote,
Ephemeral Alter Ego

Weeping Selene

sometimes the moon is so bright
and it blinds me
and then i remember it's just the sun
reincarnated for the night
in the reflection of her brother
Selene seems sad
a shadow
a name after a Name
something associated with, not the association
and thus, she weeps
and hides once a month
and is reborn
of her own account
into the light of her brother
who, while not cruel,
a dispassionate embrace
enamored with the stars
as he cannot see them
but for when he sees them
through the weeping eyes
of his sister

and he looks to her
as she weeps
and she weeps because he looks at her
and so
she comes back during the daytime
to apologize
and he asks her to share the sky with him
in hopes of seeing her stars
her maids
her followers
and remind her
by looking at her face
and seeing through her tears
that she is needed
and she is worthy
of her place in the sky
so there's no need to cry
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